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Name: Cindie
Nicknames: Shindii, Shi-chan, Hair, Chiz
Location: Texas
Hobbies: RPing, Graphic making, Sleeping


If you have a request, please visit my request post by clicking any of the links right below the header of my profile!

I don't have many requirements, but please follow them! I do make every request as long as my requirements are followed.

Graphics or Layouts will take as little as an hour from the time I read your request to around a week or even two, depending on the graphic or layout requested. My layouts usually take around a few hours to make from the time I read your request.

Please keep in mind that I do work full time and can not fulfill a request 24/7. I must make money in order to buy food in order to live in order to create! So please do not rush! If you do rush me, consider your request to be put at the very bottom of my list and probably never fulfilled. I won't forget about your request because I keep the request in my inbox until it is fulfilled and I check my inbox every day.

Feel free to add me for updates!